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Why IPR litigation management?

Double strike: with the combination of administrative/criminal raid action and litigation, deterrent effect could be achieved;

Cross judgment: for controversial infringements during raid actions, such as similar trademark infringement, unfair competition, copyright infringement, patent infringement etc., the scope of prosecution can be expanded through litigation;

Cost recovery: compensation from litigation can cover part of IPR protection cost;

Cost of one: based on the preliminary action, you can also entrust to start litigation with package price;

Demonstrative dissemination: lawsuit judgment is open and easier to spread, thus increase the demonstration effect of IPR protection. 

With our abundant experience in intellectual property rights protection area for nearly 20 years, and the effective cooperation from our own customer service team, investigation team and legal team, we provide a full range of litigation management services to our clients through negotiation, cease and desist letter and persecution step by step. According to the case category and the needs of clients, the litigation management can be divided into the following services:

1.Trademark Litigation Management

2.Patent Litigation Management

3.Other IPR litigation management