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Regent IP Corporation diagnoses and avoids risks of intellectual property through the clients’ internal and external environment, and to help clients building intellectual property management system. In this way, full range of control can be ensured effective in the IPR management in the preliminary stage, middle stage and later stage. The ability of the enterprise in management, controlling, defending and regeneration can be largely enhanced, and the value of intellectual property rights could be maximized.
We will design IPR management solutions that are suitable and feasible to our clients based on their IPR situation. Main solutions are as the followings:

1.Analysis Strategy on Trademark and Patent Registration
We analyze trademark and patent registration for clients by learning about the origin and forms of their intellectual property rights, then help to apply for registrations of new trademarks and patents when necessary. Besides, we can help clients dealing with trademark / patent invalidation, objections, disputes etc;

2.IPR Monitoring of the Competitors
By analyzing the intellectual property rights of main domestic competitors, we help our clients to avoid the risk of infringement in a reasonable way and to provide insurance for the development of new products and technology. With the analysis of the situation comprehensively, in order to improve product and brand competitiveness, we also help our clients to apply for intellectual property rights that belong to themselves.

3.Market Analysis of IPR Industry
By analyzing the intellectual property rights and layout involved in this industry, we can monitor the sales condition of similar products in the market, and detect potential infringement or development on the market in a timely manner;

4.IPR Consulting Management
We provide consultation service on strategic layout, management system, commercialization and protection of IPR etc., to settle the intellectual property problems of enterprises in all aspects.