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All this time, REGENT always takes it as one of the company's core objectives to introduce excellent staff. At present, more than 90% of the staff have bachelor degree or above. Meanwhile, there are many customer service representatives who are proficient in English and Japanese, as well as a number of high qualified and experienced information collectors. Among them, there are elites working in intellectual property protection filed for more than ten years. We believe that the highly qualified professionals are the most important wealth of our company, and they are also an important guarantee for our clients for professional services.
REGENT has professional teams specializing in different fields but with tacit cooperation, who provide a strong guarantee for high quality and efficient services.
REGENT’s teams mainly include Customer Service Team, Marketing Development Team, Network Information Team and Investigation Team. They perform their duties respectively in their own position, while act in close coordination as a whole to keep REGENT running orderly.

Customer Service Team

REGENT’s Customer Service Team master multi-languages and have professional background in different industries, all of them have language certificates. REGENT attaches great importance to different clients’ characteristics and needs. In order to take good care of their specific needs, REGENT assigns professional representatives with related background to provide one-on-one service to every client.

Market Development Team

The Market Development Team is a pair of bright and sharp eyes that the clients could face the market through REGENT, also is the radar monitoring system for the clients to obtain valuable market information. The inherent sensitivity of the occupation enable us to detect any traces on the interests of our clients from the market; while sound professional and systematic skill contribute to filtering and analyzing the information we obtained. Moreover, the strong sense of responsibility let us put points into face to give clients comprehensive and effective solutions.

Network Information Team

Network Information Team is a team with unique features of REGENT. In an era of changing markets and growing information, the team aims to provide clients with more professional services in lower cost. On one hand, the utilization of ITto analyze the relevant information will help to lock the target and narrow the scope, thereby reducing the investigation cost. On the other hand, the appropriate use of IT will help clients to depict the entire market layout effectively so as to be in a higher perspective to assess the situation.

Investigation Team

Investigation Team focuses on the collection and analysis from the first-handed infringement information from online and offline, and implements the investigation and evidence collection nationwide, as well as assists in enforcement actions against the counterfeit and shoddy products.