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Offline IPR Protection Investigation

Through on-site investigation, we collect suspicious infringing information about the sales patterns, sales networks and infringing entities in details. By integration, a feasible investigation solution for clients can be provided. According to different targets, contents and purposes, the investigation projects include Supply Chain investigation, Regional monitoring, Exhibition Investigation etc.

1.Supply Chain Investigation
Through investigation of the upstream and downstream of the infringing merchant, including suppliers and customers, we excavate more infringing entities that are producing and selling infringing goods, in this way, we can be able to crack down the infringing network effectively;

2.Regional Investigation
By learning the infringing situation in specific area, such as wholesale markets, main production bases and sales centers etc., we try to dig out potential infringing factories, wholesalers etc. through filed investigation and monitoring.

3.Exhibition Investigation
Conduct surveyon various types of exhibition fairs, to get more information about the displaying goods, and find suspicious infringing products. Then carry out deep investigation on the suspected targets on its production and operation so as to dig out the infringement network behind.