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Combining raid action with claims, the effect of crackdown is remarkable
      A automobile lamp brand company authorized Regent to conduct market investigation. At the end of July 2016, our investigator found a warehouse in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, which supplied this brand automobile lamp to a number of merchants in Xuzhou automobile parts markets. After the undercover investigation by our investigator, we found that this warehouse stored a large number of counterfeit automobile lamps of this brand for a long time, as well as other different brands automobile parts. According to the preliminary evaluation, this warehouse was suspected of producing, storing and selling infringing products.
      After collecting all basic information of this target, we reported the target to the client and proposed to conduct a criminal action against the infringing target. Besides, in view of the behavior of the target did counterfeit products wholesale business for a long time, we also suggested to ask claim for compensation and require the infringing target to provide writing guarantee that will no longer infringing the brand’s intellectual property right while conduct a criminal raid action at the same time.
      In August 2016, Pailou Police Station of Public Security Bureau of Xuzhou City conducted the raid action against this infringing target under the assistance of Regent. In the process of raid action, a total of 322 pieces of counterfeit brand automobile lamps were seized. In accordance with the price of genuine goods, the total value of this batch of products exceeds RMB 210,000.
      After the raid action, on behalf of the automobile lamp brand company, Regent negotiated with the infringing target to require compensation for the brand company's economic losses and no further IPR infringement to the brand company. Ultimately, the target agreed to compensate RMB 150,000 and sign a Settlement Agreement.