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REGISTERING trademark is the first step to cultivate and protect one’s brand and business. Regent provides professional trademark registration services to the client. Detailed services including: • Consultation on general trademark-related affairs • Pre-application research and registrability study • Trademark drafting, licensing and assignment MANAGING trademark help one’s brand and business stay active, and it has high requirements in professional expertise. Backed by experienced and specialized team as well as rich practices, Regent provide the following services: • Consultation on trademark and brand strategy • Trademark monitoring and renewal • Issuing reminder letters before due dates of trademark • Negotiation on trademark-related disputes • Strategy-making on Trademark protection in response to trademark infringement, including entity objects and E-commerce INVESTIGATION & ENFORCEMENT of trademark primarily securities the benefits and makes trademark register as well as management meaningful. Regent’s investigators had been involved in infringement investigation for more than 10 years. Together with widely spread-out investigation network and sound cooperation with local administrative bureaus, Regent protects the client’s trademark in full range. • Trademark infringement investigation, including entity objects and E-commerce • Administrative actions with relevant supervision bureaus in response to trademark infringement • Issuing warning letter to trademark infringers • Shut-down of infringing online shops and deletion of infringing online product links on B2B/B2C platform • Trademark customs recordal prosecution and IP protection LITIGATING & SOLVING trademark-related disputes is one of our adept fields. Meanwhile, it is increasingly being embraced by our clients as an effective enforcement mechanism to thoroughly settle the disputes like trademark infringement. Services in this field include: • Various trademark-related legal services • Trademark opposition, review/adjudication, cancellation and administrative litigation • Trademark infringement litigation and related legal services