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In a series of combats for supply chain infringers, Regent was playing an important role
      A mechanical brand authorized Regent for investigation of infringing products in market. In 2016, we found quite a few infringing products of this brand after the market investigation. By in-depth investigating on several key suspicious targets, we disclosed a large-scale of   counterfeit products supplier. With cooperation with enforcement authority, we finally succeeded in crackdown to this supplier including its shop and factory behind.
      The suspected target was located in Shenzhen, who was an important supplier of these counterfeit brand goods in the local market. After our long-term monitoring, we have dug out its own factory hidden in its residence. In June 2016, upon receipt of the news that this supplier would arrange shipment in the near future, we immediately contacted the local enforcement authority of Public Security Bureau. Before the shipment, we monitored their truck’s movement and stopped the truck when it was on the shipment. The ownership of infringing products was confirmed according to the truck driver testified and raid actions conducted against the shop together with the factory. More than 3,600 pieces of counterfeit brand products from the shop, factory and the truck were seized, including 1,016 sets of welding machines, 1762 pieces of welding handle, 850 pieces of heating cores. The value of them was over one million. All the seized produces were confirmed to be counterfeit after the verification by the brand owner. The infringement respondent was under criminal detention.