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Regent cooperated with Beijing police destroyed big wholesaler selling counterfeit trademark clothin
      On November 11, 2016, the police in Fengtai Economic Investigation Brigade and Nanyuan police station destroyed a big wholesaler selling counterfeit trademark goods in the underground warehouse of Fengtai Nanyuan District. By investigation, this target has sold over a thousand pieces of counterfeit trademark clothing just for one day on 2016-11-11. The case was reported extensively in the <Legal Evening news>.
      Before “Double 11” Carnival Festival, we found a suspicious target on the WeChat through our rigorous monitoring network, who was infringing a well-known outdoor brand that authorized us for IPR protection. The suspicious target mainly sold counterfeit clothing to regular customers through WeChat, and its sales mode was of high concealment. Through the WeChat communication, we found out the target exposed a lot of photos on WeChat and claimed to have a large number of stocks, one of which showed a warehouse full of counterfeit clothing. This photo attracted our attention. Based on the experience for years, we concluded it should be a target of large scale, thus we conducted in-depth investigation via chatting and found Mr. Xu was the respondent, who was specializing in online wholesale counterfeit outdoor clothing with other 3 staffs. This target was located in NanYuan, Fengtai District and covered an area of more than 800 square meters of underground space, which was consisted of three warehouses and a display room for illegal infringing activities. On November 11, they sold more than one thousand pieces of counterfeit clothing on the very day.
      On November 11, 2016, with our client’s approval, raid actions against the target was carried out by Fengtai Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade, the respondent Ms. Xu and other 3 staffs were detained during the raid action., and a large quantity of infringing products were seized.
      The other 3 staffs were employees who helped Mr. Xu for wholesaling despite the fact that they all knew the outdoor brand clothing were counterfeit. Only on November 11, they accepted orders of more than a thousand pieces of counterfeit clothing. On the spot, ten thousand pieces of counterfeit outdoor brand clothing were found, as well as a large number of counterfeit trademarks, a lot of tools used to produce counterfeit trademarks. The total value of fakes reached the criminal standard. As it was of great impact, it was highlighted in the<Legal Evening news>.