With nearly 20 years intellectual property consulting and managing experience, REGENT as one of the first group of intellectual property rights protection companies, becomes the only listed IPR protection company in China. Our clients are mainly Global 500.

what we do
IPR Protection
Through both online and offline investigation and 
action, we complete the significant combination...
Business Investigation
We provide customized business investigation on Commercial Due Diligence Investigation, Duty Encroachment Investigation and Pre-litigation Investigation etc.
Litigation Management
We provide a full range of litigation management derived from exceptional  customer services, rich  investigation resources and legal professionals.

We are providing clients with one-stop solutions for IPR protection in different regions, different fields and different categories. Our cases have been selected into "Top 10 Cases of Chinese Customs" and "Top 10 Cases of JETRO"!

REGENT was leading in a crackdown against a Shenzhen company exporting counterfeit products
In March 2016, a well-known international brand owner of clothing received the information that a Shenzhen foreign trade company was suspected of exporting counterfeit products of this brand to New Zealand.
United with several well-known brands to conduct criminal raid action
Our investigators found that the target factory located in Guangzhou was suspected of massively producing counterfeit swimwear with more than 5000 pieces, and a batch of relevant trademarks hangtags.
REGENT’s case was selected into top ten cases of Customs IPR protection
REGENT has been providing diversified services of customs protection for a famous international game manufacturer, including a series of IPR customs recordation, participation of custom trainings actively, and follow-up of suspected infringing products se